Terry LaBan, High Class Caricature, Caricatures in Philadelphia

How many caricatures can you draw in an hour?

I can draw up to 15 caricatures an hour in black and white and 10 in color.

Can you draw more than one person on a page?

Yes. At many events I draw more couples than I do individuals, and on request I can usually fit in as many people in as needed.

How much do you charge?

Please contact me for my hourly rates. Do note, though, that I have a 2 hour minimum for all engagements.

What do you need?

All I need is an approximately 7 foot square space where I won’t be in anyone’s way, a nearby electrical outlet and 3 chairs. I bring an easel, lights and all art supplies. If the event will be outside, I’ll probably need to be under a tent.

Do you supply bags to take the caricatures home in?

Yes!  All caricatures come with clear plastic bags.

How big are the caricatures?

My caricatures are 11″x14″, on white card stock. They’re drawn with markers and Prismacolor Sticks, which are like colored pencils and don’t smear.

Do you need a deposit?

Usually I won’t need a deposit. Payment can be made at the end of the event, with cash, check or credit card.

I need 2 caricaturists. Can you find me another?

Absolutely. As many as you need!

How do we book you?

Call, text or send an email with the date of your event and how long you’d like me to be there. If I’m available, I’ll email you a letter of agreement with everything you need to know. Just sign it, either scan or take a picture of it and send it back. That’s it! I’ll contact you the week of the event to confirm.